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SB 18-07-05 RV12 Sensenich Props
This page is posted to help notify builders of the seriousness of SB 18-07-05
If anyone wants to add any photos to this alert send them to
From  Bob Liddell Reference this SB and Sensenich Service Bulletin. Bob LinddelI was the single failure on a Rotax 912ULS in a 2013 RV12 SLSA. Happened on 6/19/1018 while returning to Prescott, AZ. Was flying at 11,500 at 5300 RPM when a sudden significant harmonic vibration occurred. Bob Not sure what it was but suspected the Prop. Safely returned to Prescott. Upon examination, a crack was observed in the front hub. The crack started at the first pitch setting mark and propagated around the hub. After removing the six bolts, the hub fell off in TWO pieces.
Note from Joe :

This is why we add saw-cuts to sidewalks.

To control where the sidewalk cracks

Term: weak-in-plain / control joint

Bob Liddell RV12

Note: The new hub small center hole.   

Thanks to Sensenich
Link to Sensenich
• 2A0J5 2 blade aircraft hubs with pitch cylinder for Jabiru or other direct drive engines.
• 2A0R5 2 blade aircraft hubs with pitch cylinder for Rotax or other reduction drive engines
(Supersedes SB2016-06)
AFFECTED SERIAL NUMBERS: Revision “0” through D (“0”, A, B, C, D).
The revision letter is stamped after the serial number, which is found
on the sides of the hub.
Original revision hubs (Rev “0”) do not have any letters stamped
after the serial number.
• Example – Affected S/N: 1595, 21234B (Revisions “0” and B, respectively
To date, there have been no inflight blade separations but the location of crack growth
necessitates immediate inspection
REASON: Sensenich has received reports of cracked hub covers on several tractor and pusher
installations with Jabiru engines. A single occurrence on a tractor Rotax was reported in June
• The occurrence, if unattended, could result in the hub cover half cracking completely across
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