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Page 42.03.B: GMU 22 Magnetometer
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42.05: GTR 200 42.06    

Note: Some changes from the drawing see Step: 03 & 04
 Step 01: Layout and drill as shown
 Step 02: Cut out the bracket as shown and bend as shown in step 04

Note: Some changes from the drawing
Step 03: Level the wing spar  
 Step 04: layout the bracket with a 4° down slope and 90° off the wing spar then drill and cleco as you go as shown       Step 01: 
 Step 05: Note the rivets in the wing rib  
Step 06:     
Step 07:    
Step 08:    
Step 09:  Rivet the Bracket in place using  
Step 10:   
Step 11:   
Step 12: Rivet the Nutplate backing plate in place  
Page 42.03: Avionics
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