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  01/31/18 Started to install the engine. See 45.02
  09/13/18 First engine start. first engine run the RPM was not working. reprogrammed Garmin G3X to the jabiru engine. Second run RPM worked and the static run was a little to high about 3100 RPM The idle was also to high about 1150 rpm.
  11/06/18 Engine start, after warm-up check to confirm static RPM about 3120
  04/17/18 Change Prop pitch to 22.5°
  04/18/19 Start Engine to set the idle about 950 Check static RPM now at about 2600 + -
  09/25/20 Start Engine and let run for about 10 minutes. Cool Down Then run again about 8 minutes. All Ok.
  06/06/21 Install new oil pump from Jabiru. Jr to Nick at Arion Aircraft to confirm install instructions. Remove one spark plug from each cylinder and add a few drops of engine oil and crank engine with starter for about 20 seconds. oil pressure about 18 psi. Reinstall spark plugs.
  01/13/22 First engine start at the airport with wings on and wing tanks with 5 gallons of fuel in each tank. I also did a short, slow taxi test to see how the aircraft turns and how the brakes worked. All went well.
  04/09/22 Start engine taxi test down to the hangers and back at about 32 MPH brakes worked fine and it had good rudder authority Starter bendix sticking a little.
04/14/22 Start engine and check oil pressure with a oil pressure gauge 42 to 45 psi.
Total run time about 15 Minutes.  Starter bendix sticking a little.
  05/05/22 Remove starter and remove bendix assembly, clean and lubricate then reinstall.
  05/06/22 Start Engine and warm up. The Starter bendix worked fine. Engine run at full throttle for static RPM test  Max RPM 2575. Cylinder temp about 300 + -
  05/11/22 Engine start for DAR inspection all went well. Airworthiness Certificated Issued
05/14/22 Add an 1/8 NPT extension to the Gascolater


  Engine Log
45.01 Fitting the Cowell 45.02 Engine Install 45.03 Engine Wiring
45.04 NACA Ducts 45.05 Ram Air Ducts 45.06 Oil Cooling
45.07 Propeller Install 45.08 Engine Log 45.09 Performance