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Alteration 09 Seat Ajustment
09.01 09.02                  
Alteration 09.02
Seat Back Attchment
NOTE: Any alteration will require it to be registered as Experimental-Amateur Built  E-AB

This Alteration is to add seven Seat Ajustments

Step: 01 Cut 2 aluminum strips of .040 2024T3 2"x 10.5"

Lay out the holes as drilled in step 09.01.01

Step: Use drill gauge and match drill #30 six holes as shown in photo

Step: 03 Match drill the six holes in the hinge as shown.

Drill #12 the holes from step 01
Step: Countersink the six holes drilled in step 03
Step: 05 Rivet the hinge to the adjustment plate.  
Step:06 Use flush rivets ( Flush on the bottom side )  
Step: 07 Install adjustment plate to the seat floor with five screws

Only three shown in photo.
Step: 08 Rivet the hinge to the bottom of the seat back
Step: 09 Install hinge pin.

Front view
Step: 10 Rear view
Alteration 08.01 Jab 3300
09.01 09.02                  
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