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Alteration 05.01 Battery / ELT Location
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Page 05.01 NOTE: Any alteration will require it to be registered as Experimental-Amateur Built  E-AB
   Step 01: Order RV10 Parts

F-1035 Battery Mount
F-1037 B&C Battery Rib Angles
F1029 R&L Battery Support Ribs
F-1036 A Battery Channel
Nutplates As Required
Rivets As Required
Bolts As Required

Step 02: Cut new profile at the front of ribs and center in tailcone then match drill and cleco holes in tailcone

Builder Note: the locating hole in the left fuselage frame ( the right in picture view ) is very close to the center hole in the flange of the battery rib, this will clear if careful.

Step 03: Dimple all holes in bottom flange of both battery support ribs.
Step 04: Dimple the corresponding holes in the tailcone skin.

Builder Note:
Carpet Tiles help to prevent scratches in primer.
Step 05: Cut, bend, match drill and cleco all parts as shown in photo at left.

Page 05.01
05.01 05.02 05.03  
01: Flush Rivets 02: Stab Fairings 03: Static Air / Pitot 04: Canopy Lock / Lift  05: Battery Location 06: Fuel Tanks
07: Rear Windows 08: Engine 09: Seat Adjustment 10: Seat Brace 11: Brake System 12: Electric Flaps
13: Rudder Trim 14: Tailcone Fairing 15: Wing Skin Stiffeners 16: Wing Tip Lights 17: Rear Baggage 18: Tailcone Camera
19: Tailcone Stiffeners 20: Tie Down Rings 21: Seat Brace Handle 22: Vent Door Knobs    
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