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Alteration 22 Vent Door Knob
22.01 22.02 22.03 22.04              
Alteration 22 Page 01 NOTE: Any alteration will require it to be registered as Experimental-Amateur Built  E-AB
1 1.25" X 6" Aluminum rod  
1 300mm x 8mm T8 lead screw  
2 T8 Nut for 8mm lead screw  
1 1/2" X 6" Aluminum rod  

This alteration is to add a knob to open the vent doors.

Step 01: Rough cut then neural the 1-1/4" aluminum rod.
Step 02: Drill 29/64" 1.6" deep then drill wath a X drill .750 deep.

Step 03: Turn to finish size and cut off.
Step 04: Rotate then finish turn the front of the knob.

Step 05: Insert the 4 start bushing in the lathe chuck.
Step 06: Turn exposed end of the bushing to .398", then rotate and finish the bushing to the same size.

Builder Note:
You may need to rotate the bushing in the chuck and use a dial indicator for best match.
Step 07: The finished knob and the 4 start bushing.

Step 08: Press the bushing in the knob.
Alteration 22 Page 01
22.01 22.02 22.03 22.04              
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